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Polka Dot Paper Straws SAMPLE - 24 ( 8 colors x 3 ) (USA)

Polka Dot Paper Straws SAMPLE - 24 ( 8 colors x 3 ) (USA)
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Cute sample polka dot pattern paper straws will add cuteness to your DIY party. Whether it's for wedding, birthday, baby showers, or any other event, I'm sure you'll find the perfect color. These dots straws are made in USA from FDA approved food safe paper and ink and bio-degradable. They are approximately 7 3/4" in length are the standard size.This pack comes in a set of 24 polka dot straws and it's a sample pack so you get to have a variety of colors in one pack (usually 8 different colors of dots x 3 of each color). This sample dots variety includes most color of polka dots such as orange, yellow, hot pink, black, pink. If dots isn't what you're looking for, then try the assortment of striped or chevron paper straws, and the mixed sample straw set.Thickest Strongest Most Durable Made in USA