Christmas Washi Tape Holiday

Christmas Washi Tape Holiday
Black Pink Stars Washi Tape
Christmas Candy Cane Washi Tape
Christmas Presents Washi Tape
Snowing Christmas Tree Washi Tape
Winter Wonderland Tree Christmas Washi Tape
Green Christmas Tree Washi Tape
Flower Snow Washi Tape
Red Christmas Tree Washi Tape
Red Stitch Christmas Washi Tape
Christmas Sweater Stitch Washi Tape
Red Merry Christmas Washi Tape
Small Snow on Tree Christmas Washi Tape
Various Snow Washi Tape Christmas
White on Green Washi Tape Christmas
White on Red Tree Washi Tape Christmas
White Stars on Red Christmas Washi Tape
Hearts Red With Love Washi Tape
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Festive Christmas washi tape to make your holiday packaging pop! You can use these Christmas tapes for holiday scrapbooking, gift wrapping, journals, or decor.  Have some Christmas craft projects? This will do too! Make your own Christmas cards and decorate your space!

Each roll of tape is 15mmx10m

15mm = 0.590551 inch
10m = 393.701 inches
10m = 10.9361 yards

Made in China