Just so Random Paper Love

I've always been a firm believer in doing what you love. No matter what it is, you'll make it work and things will happen the way it should. So, I thought to myself...which I do often and wish I can think-type (I would have a lot more post if I can do that!!) I thought, how did I end up with this. I know I've explained the design part and packaging etc. Something else I remember that clicked. When I was young (ER)..ok, fine way back when I was young, my uncle was a designer also. He would have these paper swatch books.

Japanese Washi Tape Dispenser / Organizer

So I have some random Japanese Washi Tape that sits around and I wanted a way to organize them. These are washi tape I opened and used for photos. Anyhow, I found the perfect solution for my needs. It's cheap and easy to find / buy. It fits it pretty perfectly and has 4 columns and one slot on the side that's a little wider. Washi Tape Dispenser / OrganizerWashi Tape Dispenser / Organizer

Online Retail - The Hard Part

I thought maybe I should share some things that I have come across from this "experience" / "experiment" for online retail. I call it that and not a "business" because I do things in life to learn things. I don't want to call it a "business" because to me, it will become too stressful and too much of an expectation. That way, I can also step in and out as I please. So far I have some things that I can tell you are HARD if you are trying online retail as well. First when you start, of course getting it started takes time, LOTS of it!

Feature Artist

As soon as I find the time, I will start to feature some artist work on here. You can view their work on the creations gallery, but I really want to have a little more information on them. Anyway, it's way that's all for now!!

Work in Progress

As with many creative projects - it seem like a never ending process since it always seem to be "work in progress". For now, that's what this site is and especially this "creative" section dedicated to people who supported my etsy shop (PrettyTape). The work on the right "Creations Gallery" are work done using products from my shop. I really enjoy seeing how it's being used and am looking forward to seeing more creative use from everyone!

Welcome to the creative area!

I'm so excited that this is almost finished! This is where blogs will be posted and feature user collections and creations. Feel free to browse around or upload your own collections or creations!