Say Goodbye to Some of The Original MT Washi Tape

It really hard, to say goodbye. Most of the patterns that are being discontinued are ones I love and I know others love them too. I can't believe they are discontinuing these. It really is hard to believe. ......

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I kept thinking, there are some other patterns you can discontinue, why these? haha Anyhow, I guess to make up for it, there will be new patterns coming up. I was suppose to have gotten them last week I thought, but now, it seem like it may be the week after next (hopefully). There are some nice new ones. So at least it's something to look forward to. BUT I still can't get over these going away =( The last production on them will be April. So I will try my best to get as much as I can to last longer than that, but it will be hard because I'm running out of space haha.

I also have other new ones that are not MT brand but are still manufactured by MT and I've already have pictures taken, just need time to edit them and list them here. So much to do, so little time!!!!!

UPDATE - I just got the word from the distributor who is in Japan right now with MT (lucky!) and she said that the new ones are "AMAZING" and that I won't miss the old ones once I see them live lol  (I already saw pictures of them =)