Masking Tape App for iPhone

So how addicted are you to masking tape? Addicted enough to even get the iPhone "maskingtape" app? Masking Tape iPhone AppMasking Tape iPhone App

I haven't tried it out myself, not that I didn't try to purchase it. When I did attempt to purchase, apple was asking me to reconfirm some stuff and left me at the county page that never went anywhere even if I clicked submit multiple times. I'm sure I will try again.

While you are browsing the App store, there's also a "Pocket Labeler" for those who still like that old label look and use them still for scrapbooking or card making craft...although this is just for the iPhone. Ohhh Apple - too many Apps and too easy to spend money! Plus, I'm still drooling over the newer MacBook Pro to replace mine and I would like to try the solid-state hard drive this time ever since mine actually crashed few months back (backup...oh haha yeah, I'm not so good with backing up) - and it was only 1 1/2 years and of course it happens after the warranty runs out - first and only time it's happened but just hate using something that had been "broken" once. Off to configure a new MacBook Pro!!!