Just so Random Paper Love

I've always been a firm believer in doing what you love. No matter what it is, you'll make it work and things will happen the way it should. So, I thought to myself...which I do often and wish I can think-type (I would have a lot more post if I can do that!!)..so I thought, how did I end up with this. I know I've explained the design part and packaging etc. Something else I remember that clicked. When I was young (ER)..ok, fine way back when I was young, my uncle was a designer also. He would have these paper swatch books. I mean they were just blank colored or different card stock swatch books. He would give them to me and I would keep them like it's some treasure. I wouldn't use them since I didn't want to mess them up, but I would keep them. I also remember in college, I would visit Kelley Paper in Pasadena - it was next to Saladang (a pretty good Thai restaurant). I would just love being there looking at different types of papers. I also went to the Art Store a lot in Pasadena...and looked at papers a lot, especially the kind that had textures and some had flowers in it. Anyway, this is so random but it just clicked that I've always had a love for paper!!
Oh if you're near Pasadena - I use to work at 10 Colorado. Right across from Mi Piace and right next to Louise's. Muahaha I just found it on google street view. The door in pink box is where I entered every work day. The yellow box window is the office..where I met my husband. The box in green eventually became part of my office. It was fun while it lasted!!

Yes, I miss Cali badly...and hope that one day I can be back there again!