Photobooth Props - Adds Fun & Laughs to Your Party!

This is unrelated to tape, or even anything in this shop, but since I know a lot of you are here because of wedding or birthday planning, these Photobooth Props ideas would be for you. 

Photobooth Props from PartyGoodies @ etsyPhotobooth Props from PartyGoodies @ etsy

New Graffiti Collection Japanese Washi Tape

I know, I know...more new washi tape? Yup, it's like never ending. This new Graffiti collection of washi tape should be arriving early this week. I'm looking forward to seeing them in person. I think I'll love them as much as the Oldbook collection. 


Say Hello ... to the new group of MT Washi Tape!

So here they are! Say Hello... to the new group of MT Washi Tape to be replacing the ones that will be discontinued later on in a few months. Excuse the picture/lighting, it's night and I normally like to use natural lighting. I'll get another picture up once I have the chance but I know a lot of you just want to see it first.......

Say Goodbye to Some of The Original MT Washi Tape

It really hard, to say goodbye. Most of the patterns that are being discontinued are ones I love and I know others love them too. I can't believe they are discontinuing these. It really is hard to believe. ......

cutetape 1st Giveaway Winner!

Wow, talk about close! It was running neck and neck for Marcela and Pure Joy Events. For the last half an hour, I thought --oh my, what if it's a tie? I didn't have anything written or even thought of what would have happened if it ended up to be a tie. At the end Marcela had 56 likes and Pure Joy Events had 54 likes. 

Martha Stewart Weddings Summer DIY 2011 Issue Featuring cutetape!

Some of you may have seen and some of you may have not, but was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Summer DIY 2011 Issue............

Masking Tape App for iPhone

So how addicted are you to masking tape? Addicted enough to even get the iPhone "maskingtape" app? Masking Tape iPhone AppMasking Tape iPhone App

I haven't tried it out myself, not that I didn't try to purchase it. When I did attempt to purchase, apple was asking me to reconfirm some stuff and left me at the county page that never went anywhere even if I clicked submit multiple times. I'm sure I will try again.

House Beautiful's PINKMAG! Have you seen?

I'm a bit late posting this. Partly because I've been distracted with orders and also...with looking for and getting new gadgets. I don't know why but I've been wanting to make stuff. "You mean you haven't been making stuff?" you ask... Nope, life gets too hectic and things just get piled up. *Sigh* 

Wow it's been that long?

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything. It's been hectic and I guess I had to set priorities. I would love to blog more or post more creations from people in the Gallery, but currently I just want to make sure things (orders) get out as quick as possible. When I have some down time, then I'll update the Gallery since I do have some great creations here from customers.

Sasha from The Gilded Bee

This blog post has been long overdue. I've been meaning to feature Sasha from The Gilded Bee for awhile now. Just caught up with ...packaging/shipping =(. She just sent me another one of her creations with a rubber stamp set she got the last time. The thing is that I didn't even recognize it as this set (Russian Doll Set). I love that she's able to make things and it becomes hers.