I will be taking a short Labor Day weekend trip and will be back evening of Sept 8th. You can browse the site and add items to cart but will not be able to checkout until I'm back. You will need to be logged into your account in order for your items to stay in your cart until then. Have a nice labor day weekend!

Paper Glitter Tape

Pretty glitter tape!!! So when I did the last giveaway, I had asked some questions about what they wish cutetape had. There were actually a few things that I already have or had planned on having. ......


Glitter tape was one, multi roll tape holder was another - I'll get that up soon. Sometimes I have things, actually I have lots of things that I wanted to get, then I got, then took pictures, then never had the time to get it up...but I'll keep trying harder =)

I actually love them in person more than seeing photos of them. The colors are actually really pretty. Glitter tape comes in 3 sizes, 3/8", 5/8", and 7/8" (3 yards). I don't actually have the complete set of colors yet because some where already out of stock. I have some in 3/8 and some in 5/8. For the 7/8", I will only get them if more people request it.

Now available in shop > Decorative Tapepaper glitter tape

(limited quantity for the first round - will have more once I figure out what color and size people like - tell me which color and size you like on cutetape facebook)