Facebook 2000 Likes Giveaway: Getting to Know You

UPDATE: Winners randomly chosen: #1 Kristi Ann Eljuri, #8 Sandra Vanderbeck Heyrich, #26 Debbie Morin Dabrowski, #34 Rachel Smith Murrow 

 Thank you all for the continuing support. This giveaway is to celebrate facebook 2000 likes and I had posted a poll to see if people preferred having 1 winner of $200, 2 winners winning $100 each or 4 winners winning $50 each. The poll showed that you guys like to share =) That was nice to know and I wished kids were as into sharing as you guys haha. 

So I thought about what this giveaway should be like. The last one required a post and there were issues for some and since it was dealing with some type of decision making process, there were issues with that too. So this one will be just random, so that I won't be blamed for making choices lol. I want to keep this as stress free as possible. Of course, there will still be some rules/instructions. 

The theme of this one will be "Getting to Know You". I do imagine time to time of having a physical store where customers like you guys would walk in and I'm sure I'd spend too much time chatting instead of getting things done, but at least I would get to know you guys. With online shop, it's less of that and so to make up for that, I've decided this would be a start. So for this giveaway of 4 winners winning $50 each (in store credit), here are the rules/instructions:

1. You must post in TWO places.
1ST - post all the answers on your own facebook wall (this will be checked and if you don't have it, your entry will be disqualified). *** update  - Vivian just pointed out that I can't see your walls if it's private. So I will make this honesty base since I don't want to force anyone to make their fb public just for this****
2ND - post all your answers in the comment where I will start the giveaway officially (this will be used for the random drawing)

2. Here are the questions that you MUST answer - just read, close your eyes and answer without thinking too much into it:

1. What is your most favorite thing to snack on? (try and be specific)
2. If you can choose - where would you like to live?
3. What is one item cutetape doesn't carry that you wish it did? (be specific, brand, color, collection)
4. What are the top 2 DIY (craft/party) items that you just can't live without? (other than washi tape!)
5. If there's one thing you would like to improve about cutetape.com, what would it be? (keep answer to no more than 5 words)
6. Name your top 2 favorite blogs.
7. What is your favorite color? 
8. Who inspires you the most? 

No need for essay answers haha - just keep it short and simple. The giveaway will start today and end on March 17 11:59pm Central Standard Time (oh yes, it's St Patrick's Day). I will then use a random generated number thing to generate 4 numbers based on the total number of entries. Then count from top to bottom the entries in the comment area. ONE ENTRY per person. 

You can make other comments in the post, but they will be deleted before the giveaway ends so that random comments aren't counted. Did I miss anything?

Head over to cutetape's facebook page and enter!


**cutetape reserves the right to remove any entries/comments that is inappropriate or incomplete***