Say Hello ... to the new group of MT Washi Tape!

So here they are! Say Hello... to the new group of MT Washi Tape to be replacing the ones that will be discontinued later on in a few months. Excuse the picture/lighting, it's night and I normally like to use natural lighting. I'll get another picture up once I have the chance but I know a lot of you just want to see it first.......

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My opinion on it is that there are a few that I like. Starting from the left thin horizontal stripes, it gives more options like green, coral, orange, purple, navy, and brown but when I put them together like this, it didn't look as soft as the old ones, but is more colorful. I think some people will like the color options. I will surely miss the grey one though. The 2nd column top is actually a silver grid. I like the red with thin diagonal stripe and the thin silver diagonal stripe. For the 3rd column, I like the top 2 and those big dots, I like the red and yellow lime green. The 4th column is a bit of what I would call...crazy and out there. I even wanted to call the 3rd and 4th one "Spaced Out" haha - or "Galaxy" The 5th and 6th are the "exp" series and they are going to be quiet more expensive (the wider ones) because they are more for spot use, and I don't think it's meant for you to use a bunch at once to tape it around something really long (but you can) - that would just use up the whole thing fast. It's like cutting a single piece out and probably using it like that as a decorative accent. They are more "homy". I was told that they are actually the better sellers in Japan. I actually still miss the old ones!!! It'll take some time for me to adjust haha.

So what do you think - which would be your favorite? I'll try and get them up in the next day or two - it's a total of 39 new ones.