cutetape 1st Giveaway Winner!

Wow, talk about close! It was running neck and neck for Marcela and Pure Joy Events. For the last half an hour, I thought --oh my, what if it's a tie? I didn't have anything written or even thought of what would have happened if it ended up to be a tie. At the end Marcela had 56 likes and Pure Joy Events had 54 likes. 

So congratulations to Marcela! Now you can decorate everything in your world!! =) Your post was simple but effective. It was written with personality and from the heart. The image used was very creative in letting others imagine what can be done. It was well deserved! (Here is the winning entry)

I have to say that since this was the first giveaway I've ever hosted myself. It was a great learning experience. It was for sure harder than I thought and easier to just let someone else host it for me. There was even one email the morning after I announced the 5 that just hit me like 1000 ton of bricks but I won't go into details. I will just say, now I understand why bloggers do giveaways that way - just comment and random selection. I guess that way, there's no one to blame for any process and outcome. 

Even with that, I actually still think that the giveaway went well. I really just wanted to narrow down initial entries so I get quality and not quantity. I think everyone did great and for that I am actually going to have a 20% off code (except Marcela since she already has the winning prize) for the 5 selected and 15% off code for the remaining entries. So just use the contact form and email me with your name - must match your entry name of course and I will send you the discount code ( not transferrable - order name must match your name ).

I'm so sleepy....what to do with the $200 giveaway when it hits 2000 likes?