House Beautiful's PINKMAG! Have you seen?

I'm a bit late posting this. Partly because I've been distracted with orders and also...with looking for and getting new gadgets. I don't know why but I've been wanting to make stuff. "You mean you haven't been making stuff?" you ask... Nope, life gets too hectic and things just get piled up. *Sigh* 

Oh but back to the reason for the post - if you have seen the March 2011 issue of House Beautiful, you will find this little pink set in the issue!! It will also be part of their pink giveaway (scavenger hunt). Can you find the pink set here on their 50 Favorite Pink Products page? Alright so you'll see it faster if you go backwards because it's the 45th one.

I'll post pictures up later...or way later but I'll get them up eventually. Also was in another magazine and will be in another one that I'm super duper excited about. I haven't seen anything from it yet and won't see anything until the summer, but anyway - I have to go back to packing things =P