Online Retail - The Hard Part

I thought maybe I should share some things that I have come across from this "experience" / "experiment" for online retail. I call it that and not a "business" because I do things in life to learn things. I don't want to call it a "business" because to me, it will become too stressful and too much of an expectation. That way, I can also step in and out as I please. So far I have some things that I can tell you are HARD if you are trying online retail as well. First when you start, of course getting it started takes time, LOTS of it! Then you need to have people know about it, which wasn't an issue so far. Once people know about it and sales goes up, AAAAAAAAAAHHH - times goes out the door. I can tell you that I'm pretty tired/sleepy while writing this. I can tell you that I haven't made dinner for a long while. I can tell you that if you have kids (especially ones that are still at home) then it makes it even harder. The part that takes a lot of times is... packing and shipping labels, and post office. Packing - I don't really mind since I actually still enjoy that part. It does take more time, probably longer than most people since I like to spend the time to have nice presentation. With that said, I've always thought first impression matters and that's no different from what a customer will see when they open the box. I can probably just dump everything in, but what's the fun of that? I also like personalization. I guess I can have a default template and print everything out...BUT I like to write it in my own writing to each person. Why oh why, you ask would you do that? I don't know, because I think personalizing something makes it more special. Shipping labels and printing them out seem to take time also. Maybe it's just waiting for paypal to load a page and back to another that takes time. I don't know. I thought I had a fast computer and internet access, but no matter how fast, things seem to load slow or just not fast enough! Post office - if you had to ship things international especially during the holiday season, you will know that OMG - it is awful - LONG LONG lines of grumpy people waiting. It's not fun hahaha. Luckily now, the lines are shorter and I realized that morning hours, the lines aren't even really there. Like today, no one wast there (first time ever!). So at least it's not as bad anymore. Oh and international customs form. I don't know why paypal / usps can't make it easier for people to just print that out also instead of having to do it at the post office and also offer tracking. Yes, I can just put the stamps on it. BUT I want to make it's the correct weight and the biggest reason why I HAVE to take it there is to get proof of mailing. With just stamps and dumping it off, you have no proof. I don't know what I'm rambling on about. I just thought if someone else is starting out, they would know the hard parts of it. Oh of course, there are other hard parts, like dealing with distributors, stocks etc. But anyway...back to packing!